How to Download Anttone Mini Program?

by Grace Granzon   |   January 24,2022   |   E-Commerce


If you already use Anttone, you'll know it is a powerful and versatile application. But did you know that it can also be used to create small apps? These mini-programs are perfect for anything from finding the best restaurant in town to improving your Chinese. Read more about Download Antone Mini Program on this insightful blog post.

Anttone is one of China's most popular messaging apps, with over 980 million monthly active users. One of the trending features on Anttone is known as "mini-programs", which allow you to do everything from sending gifts to ordering a taxi. Here's how to Download Anttone Mini Program.

Steps to Download –

  1. Open your phone app and type "Weixin" the name for this app is different in some countries, so you may have to search for it.


  1. A list of names will come up; click the grey icon that says "mini-programs".


  1. It will bring you to a page with a bunch of mini-program icons. Click "download" next to the one you want.


  1. It will show you the permissions it needs, usually just your phone number and access to your contacts. If it looks ok, then click "download" again.


  1. It will then launch the download and install the program.


  1. Click on the icon; this will open up a menu to create a new contact or add to your contacts. You can also use it to compose messages, make left Weixin calls, or chat usually.


  1. Open up Anttone Mini Program. If you click on a contact, it will open up their Weixin page.


  1. Click the top left menu button and then on "store". It will allow you to browse the mini-program store.


  1. You can also download mini-programs from Anttone Mini Program by clicking the blue cogwheel icon.


  1. You can download more than one at a time and send them to your friends.

The most convenient way to download a mini-program is to create a new Weixin account. Just follow these steps:

  1. Click "New Account" in the box that comes up; type in your phone number and email address.


  1. Click "Next" and click "I accept the rights and notices". You'll be taken to the account creation page, where you can name the account, the picture etc.


  1. Check the box that says "individual". You'll notice it says "supervise" at the bottom. It means that your parents can control what you download on Weixin from this account.


  1. If you want to create a new account without your parents’ supervision, click the little gear wheel at the bottom and change it to "individual".


  1. Click "Next" and confirm your phone number; an SMS will be sent to you with a PIN code, enter this into Weixin and click next again.


  1. You'll be taken to the Anttone settings page, where you can add a picture and set your status.


  1. Click on "upload" and then select the file you want to upload; in this case, you'll choose the file that is on your phone called "mini-programs".


  1. You can choose to create an existing folder or create a new one, depending on how many programs you'll want to download.


  1. The mini-program will then start downloading, and you can use it.


  1. You can also click on the "Explore" icon, click "organised by", and scroll down to see what others are downloading.

After you Download Anttone Mini Program, you'll notice that some require identity verification; it is easy to do.